Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Some Basic Tips Of A Good Weblog

Now that I have gotten your attention and interest to start blogging, I believe I need to at least give you a few basic tips on how to have a good weblog. I learned these also from some experienced pro-bloggers. So actually I have gone through the same journey as you have, not knowing how to even start a blogging web site! Here are the tips which are acronymed by C.T.P.M. In the word of the experts, "Get in front of your potential clients by providing Content. Surfers find you, generating targeted Traffic. Win them over ("PREsell"). How? Give them what they want... quality solutions, answers, information!

C = Content

Let face it, we must have good content for people to come visit us and are willing to bookmark it to come back another time. So in order to have good content, it must be something that we feel passionate about that we like others to know. Questions we need to ask ourselves would be:

  • What am I interested in?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What subjects or topics do I know a lot about?
  • What are people always coming to me for advice about?

Organize your thoughts around these and start to writing some articles or posting as in the case of blogging. Don't worry about making mistakes, because you can always edit later. Just let your thought flow through, very much like you are talking to your friends as if they are right there listening to you, eager to learn something from you. Shall I say they are waiting to listen from the "horse's mouth" ;-)

T = Traffic

So you have your website up, you want people to come and browse. I believe we have to get beyond our close friends and relatives, and get other people to visit our sites. Traffic, trafftic and more traffic to our website. Here are some good tips:

P = Pre-Sale Your Site

As you posts more and more contents providing information, quality solutions and answers, your visitors will come back often to visit. They will eventually by persuaded by what you have to offer that can help them with their questions and problems. So update your site often with good quality info and solutions.

M = Monetaze Your Site

Monetization is the final result of doing everything else (C to T to P) correctly.

Important Tips on Blogging For Money For Blogging Beginners

Start Blogging If You Are Interested In Online Business

A month ago, I was also a newbie to online business. I have been surfing since 1995 and that makes me rather old in relationship to internet growth. But after attending a couple of online business seminars, workshops and with guidance from my internet guru Derek Gehl (I have a set of his Internet Insider - Excellent materials every one must have) I found that blogging will a great way to start getting yourself familiar with starting a website, inserting some good html codes and getting the feel of online business. Get a google gmail account to begin with, then sign up as a member to

Important Tips on Blogging For Money For Blogging Beginners Important Tips on Blogging For Money For Blogging Beginners

Monday, August 27, 2007

Blogging For Money?

Most of the people would think that blogging is only for writing journals, expressing their views, ranting their frustrations or disappointment or in some cases, "I must blog because every body is blogging"! For some, the idea of making money from blogging is always at the back of the mind. The question is how many people are actually making money online by just blogging? I don't think there is an actual statistic to show this fact. A search online would show that there are quite a number of people who actually are doing very well indeed, for example, Mr. John Chow, Mr. Steve Pavlina, and many others. There also many other blogging sites that offer tips on how to make money online.

This is what my internet guru Mr. Derek Gehl has to say about blogging for dollars:

  • After compiling an entire year's worth of case studies and test results -- and investing over $79,583.28 -- we've finally developed a bullet-proof system that allows practically anyone to claim a #1 ranking in Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and more!
    Over the last year, our team of Internet marketing specialists have been hard at work in our testing labs developing a system anyone can use to make money with free blogging technology, called "Blogging For Dollars."

If you interested to blog for success or for money, go to the link here:

Marketing Tips - Blogging For Dollar

Thursday, August 23, 2007

About Creating A Web Site - Justin

Here's a breakdown of the steps you need to take to build your site and make it "live" -- as well as lots of FREE resources you can use to do it...
(Again, these are tips from the internet Guru Derek Gehl)

1. Choose and register a good domain name

Your domain name is your business's "address" on the Internet, so it's crucial you choose the right one. Try to find a domain that gives browsers a hint of what they'll find at your site.

Tools to help you find a domain include...

2. Host your website

Your web host is responsible for ensuring your web site is always up and running at top speed. If your site is always down... or if it takes ages to load... you can be sure you're losing money! Here's one favorite hosting solution:

3. Learn basic HTML

While there's plenty of software you can use to build a site without knowing any code at all, it's actually helpful if you at least understand the basics of HTML. For some good free HTML tutorials, check out these sites:

4. Building your site yourself

For some great tools and information on simple, effective design, check out these sites:

5. Software for building your site

"HTML editors" are software programs that allow you to design a webpage with little knowledge of HTML -- and they're as easy to use as any basic word processor.

  • Nvu ( Anyone can use this free tool to create and manage a website -- even if they have no technical expertise or knowledge of HTML
  • Dreamweaver ( This is the tool used at IMC. It's good if you're willing to spend some money to get additional features not available on the free versions

6. Using an "all-in-one" solution

If you're a bit intimidated by technology, you may want to consider an all-in-one website builder, where a company provides you with all the tools you need to quickly piece together a site.Go here to find one favourite:

7. Resources for designing your web site

For good articles and resources on developing effective navigation and designing a simple site that works, check out these sites:

8. Adding "extras" to your site

You may want your site to go beyond basic HTML, especially when it comes to automating chores and making it more interactive for visitors. You can find "extras" -- like forums, content management systems, and shopping carts -- at these websites:

9. Hiring a designer

If you can afford it, it's a good idea to hire a web designer to build the initial "template" for your website. Typically, this should include a logo, navigation menu, and the overall "look" for your homepage.

For a good, affordable designer, try:

Good luck with your site,

Thank you Guru Derek Gehl, :-)

Sharing from Justin, IBG founding member

I do not claim to be the know all, but I do claim to learn a fair bit from Mr. Derek Gehl. Here is what he has to say about starting online business: takes two things to become a successful Internet entrepreneur...
1. Motivation, and
2. An action plan.

All of us have our own motivation, be it money, family, passion, satisfaction, fulfilment or desperation. Motivation we must have to continue this journey. And we must have an action plan. Accoring to Derek Gehl, this is the action plan:

Step 1: Find a niche market -- Use research tools like Wordtracker to find a niche market of HUNGRY buyers eager for your product or service

Step 2: Write your salescopy -- Write compelling copy that leads your visitors smoothly through your sales process

Step 3: Set up your online store -- Turn your website into a selling machine using a simple design, easy navigation, and automation

Step 4: Drive buyers to your site -- Create "paid search" ads that attract INSTANT traffic (without draining your bank account!) and use free search engines to get your site "front and center"

Step 5: Drive more cheap and FREE traffic -- Use strategies like article-sharing and press releases to drive even MORE people to your site

Step 6: Use email to get MORE sales -- Build a subscriber list of people who WANT to hear from you, so you can convince them to buy over time

Step 7: Find MORE products for your customers -- Offer your customers even more products you know they want to buy

Step 8: Get other people to sell for you -- Recruit an army of salespeople to sell your products on their websites (and you won't have to pay them a dime unless they help you make a sale!)

Step 9: Grow your business BIGGER -- Create dozens of new streams of income to multiply your revenues

Step 10: Use hot new tools to create a buzz -- Bring visitors back to your site again and again using the hottest new tools and techniques

Hopefully this will help us to get on this journey and perserve..... :-)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Welcome to our group!

Welcome to this blog. We are a group of internet business enthusiasts, aspiring to share with one another the potentially lucrative online business. Please read on if you are clueless on how to go about internet business.

We have made the process of learning online business as simple as possible so that even if you a newbie, you will be able to create a web site within a short time and begin to enjoy making some real money.