Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Moving To A New Host

Hey friends, I am also blogging at the following website

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Why Should We Write For FREE!!! Get Paid by Readers Instead!

How would you like to get paid by readers for reading your blogs? Sound too good to be true, isn’t it? Well, I am fed up with writing articles for free on the blogs and just getting a few miserable links to my site just to fulfill the traffic numbers. I was thinking, ‘There must be better things to just getting in traffic to my site for my hard work , time and effort in putting up all those high standard articles that I churned night after night. The ezines sites are reaping all the profit while we get a few links’ That is when I decided to search around and found ‘blogit.com’. This is the site that is realistic and has integrity in its business.

Here is a site, where members pay to get in and members pay to read your articles. You write, members pay when they read your articles. The more members read your article, the more you earn. The more popular your articles get, the more you earn and the higher you rank. This sound fair and just to my eyes. And above all, this organization is not going to cheat me because it has a good management system in place. Half of the member’s subscription goes to administration, marketing and maintenance of the site. Now, that is sound business management.

Blogit.com is very transparent about this and tells you what it does with your subscriptions. Blogit.com also tells you how it spreads the earnings to you through your readership on your blog. Now, that is what I called ‘integrity’ in business and a site that has integrity in its business philosophy is going to stay for a long long time. Blogit.com is one of the fastest growing blogging community, according to the following news release.

Blogit: the online writing marketplace

What's your blog?
"[Blogit (blogit.com)] is one of the few sites that actually pay their members...And because drawing an audience pays at [Blogit], the competition is fierce."

Have Web Site, Will Investigate
"Recently, a new business model has emerged in which readers fund Web-based indie journalism. [Blogit is one example] in which readers pay a monthly fee to read stories from a passel of writers."

Blog Power
"If you want to blog and get paid, you can subscribe to www.blogit.com. They require a monthly subscription fee. Half of what you pay for gets distributed to those that you read, and that’s how you get paid as well."

News Tribute overdue, trustee says
"[The] founder of the Palo Alto start-up www.blogit.com, a community of bloggers...will be honored at a reception today in Burlingame by a national immigrant-advocacy group for their 'contributions that greatly enriched our nation.'"

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Six Figure Income From Blogging?

I just love this diagram! How I wish it is this simple as Stuart Brown put it in his article in April 07. Hey I am already dreaming of a rosy future, soon I will have that Six Figure Income, right? :-) Do you think it that easy? Let me know, will you?
Important Tips on blogging for money for Blogging Beginners

(Click to see a larger diagram)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Blogging Incomes

How much does a blogger earn just by blogging? A curious question posed by one whose first month income is $2.14!

I would bet my head that there are many bloggers making a five or six figure income yearly by blogging. Few are brave enough to show us a glimpse of their handsome income from blogging (even then, I can dare to say that was only a small part of their actual income... I stand to be corrected).

  1. John Chow stated his Jul 07 income from his blog to be $12,406.76.
  2. Everton of ConnectInternet.co.uk reported his earning in July 07 to be $8,126.
  3. Gaman from sabahan.com mentioned his at $3,616.24.
  4. And there are many more...
Hey I should be there somewhere, sometime, eventually, I guess.. :-)

Bloggers Who Make Money By Blogging

It is always very inspiring to know that fellow bloggers are making a living off bloggiing. While their earning would come from various sources or ways, I look with interest on their income from google adsense. After a month of blogging, here is my income from 22Aug07 to 24Sept07: important tips on blogging for money for blogging beginnersHey, are you thinking that I have a thousand buck from google adsense, I wish! But that was a miserable $2.14! Some friends come comforting me, saying that's not bad for a start. Thanks buddies. But I am a bit more ambitious than that. How can I not be, when I see this!:

important tips on blogging for money for blogging beginners

No, you are not seeing an altered image, you can check him out at this here. Better still download his testimony from this link.

Matt Callen is actually synonymed with HyperVRE in the internet. HyperVRE was created after he realised that there were just too many people who fail to capitalize on the zillion adsense market globally. Here is what he has to say, "It seems like everyday I read posts in marketing forums about how hard it is to make money with AdSense. Now - I don't want to sound like a grouch here... but to be honest with you, I've started to develop a little pet peeve towards posts like this." So out come this super duper software called HyperVRE - a software that helps to Generate THOUSANDS of fresh, unique content-rich webpages from highly-targeted keyword lists. And also helps to insert your unique Google™ AdSense ads on each and every page, by using 3 Adsense code blocks which are integrated into each page you will maximize your clickthrough rates. Besides, it also use a perfect linking structure to ensure all of your web pages get indexed quickly into the search engines.

Malaysian Bloggers, You are Boleh!

It's interesting to blog, because you are yourself when you can express your opinions freely, well quite freely. It's also very encouraging to note that there are many other Malaysians who are ranting out their hearts' felt feeling and opinions, in the process generate not too small group of followers and readers. Cheers to all Malaysian bloggers.

I am going to list the web sites of Malaysian bloggers that I come across here. If you happen to read my blog and know of other Malaysian bloggers web sites please bring them to my attention at the comment. Maybe we can come up with a full list (will that be possible? Eh...... Boleh try lah):

(Kindly take note that I am not ranking the blogs in any order, hey, they are not even in alphabetically order. They are just listed as they come to my attention while I type.....)


Hey, I know the list is definitely too short! Actually you can find a much longer list here: http://www.mycen.com.my/malaysia/blog.html and for those who wish to know about where other Malaysian Bloggers congregate and what they are talking about, you can visit here http://www.malaysiabloggers.com/

Keep me informed of other sites please.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

More Readers For Your Blog

Most of us start blogging to freely express our opinion and understanding of the things we feel passionate about. In the process, blogging beginners who wish to make some money online by blogging know that more readers to read your blog would be the key to money making. BlogRush is a free service that was created to help bloggers solve precisely this No.1 need. By adding the BlogRush Widget to a blog, a blogger can get instant distribution for their latest blog post titles across a network of related blogs. BlogRush users earn "syndication credits" (the right to have their blog post titles shown inside a widget on another related blog) based on their own traffic (loads of the widget) as well as the traffic of other users they refer to BlogRush. Users can automatically refer others to BlogRush via special links on the widget, as well as through the promotion of a special referral URL they are given.

Important Tips on blogging for money for blogging beginners

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

There is Money in Blogging

There is money to be made in blogging. In 1999, a web site called Blogger (www.blogger.com) was launched, offering free blogging to anyone. Blogger provided both the blog platform and hosting space for the bloggers for free. Immediately, millions of people logged on and started creating blogs. The world largest diaries or log books is launched. "Blog' was the word of the year in 2004, the year that marked the turning point for blogs as one of the most sought after media formats for both bloggers and advertisers. The search engines like Google love blogs.

Blogs are the first source of information for breaking events, news and innovations. Bloggers are able to publish text, pictures, audio and video on the spot, instantly, being the first to do so and faster than the print or Television where editing work have to be done first.

Advertisers look for blogs to market and promote their businesses. They are always looking out for creative bloggers to write on a variety of topics such as sex, love, health, education, food and digital technology such as digital photography. So there you are, I have just given you a hint on a world of opportunities to blogging for money.

Those who are interested in blogging for money, here are some useful links where these mediators for advertisers are sourcing for bloggers like you to write articles for them.
Go to jobs problogger for assignment jobs if you like. There is a host of other sites looking for bloggers to write on a variety of subjects. There is money to be made in writing.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Preferred Affiliate Programs

Friends and visitors who come to my blog often asked me this question: "What is your recommendation of affiliate programs?" While I refer them to my earlier post, I know what they are actually asking is which affiliate programs do I recommend. It would be very difficult indeed to answer them if they were to ask what is my one best recommended affiliate program, because there is theoretically more than thousand excellent affiliate programs. Perhaps, I would rather show them my preferred affiliate programs.

In this post I would like to share my recommendation of one of my favourite affiliate programs: It is what I called "Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet - Version 2007 system" by Derek Gehl. My one important criteria for recommending affiliate programs is "Would I use them myself?". In actual fact, I have been using this system constantly since the first day!

Insider Secrets - Important Tips on Blogging For Money for Blogging BeginnersThe very first time when I received the fedex package of this system, I was pleasantly surprised with what was included in it. The first thing I noticed was the inclusion of a 2' x 3' poster which was titled "You're Only 10 Steps Away From Internet Riches". We need a road map to guide us from point A to point B in our life, quite similarly to a road map from one destination to another.

And here are the 10 steps:

  • Step 1: Find a product people want!

  • Step 2: Write Your Sales Copy!

  • Step 3: Set Up Your Online Store!

  • Step 4: Drive Buyers To Your Site!

  • Step 5: Drive More Cheap (Even Free) Traffic!

  • Step 6: Use Email TO Get MORE Sales!

  • Step 7: Find MORE products For Your Customers!

  • Step 8: Get Other People To Sell For You!

  • Step 9: Build A Bigger Business!

  • Step 10: Use Hot New Tools To Create A Buzz!

There is also a Quick Start Guide booklet that underline all the steps in brief. This Quick Start Guide actually helps you find the full detail of the steps in the TWO 8" x 11" full-coloured, three ring binders containing 800+ pages, broken down into 64 easy-to-follow lessons. With this guidance, "Insider Secrets" walks both Internet newbies AND seasoned website owners through how to start, grow, and promote a wildly profitable e-business step-by-step.

Subscribers will also receive step-by-step instruction on:

  1. Where to find FREE tools and resources they can use to easily build a website in less than a few hours -- even if they have ZERO web design experience!

  2. How to develop a brand new product (for FREE!) in less than 2 weeks!

  3. Secrets to growing an opt-in list like crazy -- even on websites that get almost NO traffic!

  4. A little-known, one-minute salescopy trick that can increase online sales by up to 714%... or more!

  5. The #1 research tool for finding NEW lucrative business ideas absolutely NO e-business owner can afford to be without... and how to access it for FREE, and MUCH MORE.....

There are also SUPER BONUS items like:

  1. A CD containing Derek Gehl's private Rolodex of 267 'must-have' tools and resources!

  2. An 85-minute DVD of Derek performing extreme website makeovers LIVE on stage!

I find this system extremely helpful as my reference tools and would highly recommend blogging beginners to invest this on the journey to internet success!