Tuesday, September 18, 2007

There is Money in Blogging

There is money to be made in blogging. In 1999, a web site called Blogger (www.blogger.com) was launched, offering free blogging to anyone. Blogger provided both the blog platform and hosting space for the bloggers for free. Immediately, millions of people logged on and started creating blogs. The world largest diaries or log books is launched. "Blog' was the word of the year in 2004, the year that marked the turning point for blogs as one of the most sought after media formats for both bloggers and advertisers. The search engines like Google love blogs.

Blogs are the first source of information for breaking events, news and innovations. Bloggers are able to publish text, pictures, audio and video on the spot, instantly, being the first to do so and faster than the print or Television where editing work have to be done first.

Advertisers look for blogs to market and promote their businesses. They are always looking out for creative bloggers to write on a variety of topics such as sex, love, health, education, food and digital technology such as digital photography. So there you are, I have just given you a hint on a world of opportunities to blogging for money.

Those who are interested in blogging for money, here are some useful links where these mediators for advertisers are sourcing for bloggers like you to write articles for them.
Go to jobs problogger for assignment jobs if you like. There is a host of other sites looking for bloggers to write on a variety of subjects. There is money to be made in writing.

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