Monday, September 24, 2007

Malaysian Bloggers, You are Boleh!

It's interesting to blog, because you are yourself when you can express your opinions freely, well quite freely. It's also very encouraging to note that there are many other Malaysians who are ranting out their hearts' felt feeling and opinions, in the process generate not too small group of followers and readers. Cheers to all Malaysian bloggers.

I am going to list the web sites of Malaysian bloggers that I come across here. If you happen to read my blog and know of other Malaysian bloggers web sites please bring them to my attention at the comment. Maybe we can come up with a full list (will that be possible? Eh...... Boleh try lah):

(Kindly take note that I am not ranking the blogs in any order, hey, they are not even in alphabetically order. They are just listed as they come to my attention while I type.....)

Hey, I know the list is definitely too short! Actually you can find a much longer list here: and for those who wish to know about where other Malaysian Bloggers congregate and what they are talking about, you can visit here

Keep me informed of other sites please.

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