Monday, September 24, 2007

Blogging Incomes

How much does a blogger earn just by blogging? A curious question posed by one whose first month income is $2.14!

I would bet my head that there are many bloggers making a five or six figure income yearly by blogging. Few are brave enough to show us a glimpse of their handsome income from blogging (even then, I can dare to say that was only a small part of their actual income... I stand to be corrected).

  1. John Chow stated his Jul 07 income from his blog to be $12,406.76.
  2. Everton of reported his earning in July 07 to be $8,126.
  3. Gaman from mentioned his at $3,616.24.
  4. And there are many more...
Hey I should be there somewhere, sometime, eventually, I guess.. :-)

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