Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Preferred Affiliate Programs

Friends and visitors who come to my blog often asked me this question: "What is your recommendation of affiliate programs?" While I refer them to my earlier post, I know what they are actually asking is which affiliate programs do I recommend. It would be very difficult indeed to answer them if they were to ask what is my one best recommended affiliate program, because there is theoretically more than thousand excellent affiliate programs. Perhaps, I would rather show them my preferred affiliate programs.

In this post I would like to share my recommendation of one of my favourite affiliate programs: It is what I called "Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet - Version 2007 system" by Derek Gehl. My one important criteria for recommending affiliate programs is "Would I use them myself?". In actual fact, I have been using this system constantly since the first day!

Insider Secrets - Important Tips on Blogging For Money for Blogging BeginnersThe very first time when I received the fedex package of this system, I was pleasantly surprised with what was included in it. The first thing I noticed was the inclusion of a 2' x 3' poster which was titled "You're Only 10 Steps Away From Internet Riches". We need a road map to guide us from point A to point B in our life, quite similarly to a road map from one destination to another.

And here are the 10 steps:

  • Step 1: Find a product people want!

  • Step 2: Write Your Sales Copy!

  • Step 3: Set Up Your Online Store!

  • Step 4: Drive Buyers To Your Site!

  • Step 5: Drive More Cheap (Even Free) Traffic!

  • Step 6: Use Email TO Get MORE Sales!

  • Step 7: Find MORE products For Your Customers!

  • Step 8: Get Other People To Sell For You!

  • Step 9: Build A Bigger Business!

  • Step 10: Use Hot New Tools To Create A Buzz!

There is also a Quick Start Guide booklet that underline all the steps in brief. This Quick Start Guide actually helps you find the full detail of the steps in the TWO 8" x 11" full-coloured, three ring binders containing 800+ pages, broken down into 64 easy-to-follow lessons. With this guidance, "Insider Secrets" walks both Internet newbies AND seasoned website owners through how to start, grow, and promote a wildly profitable e-business step-by-step.

Subscribers will also receive step-by-step instruction on:

  1. Where to find FREE tools and resources they can use to easily build a website in less than a few hours -- even if they have ZERO web design experience!

  2. How to develop a brand new product (for FREE!) in less than 2 weeks!

  3. Secrets to growing an opt-in list like crazy -- even on websites that get almost NO traffic!

  4. A little-known, one-minute salescopy trick that can increase online sales by up to 714%... or more!

  5. The #1 research tool for finding NEW lucrative business ideas absolutely NO e-business owner can afford to be without... and how to access it for FREE, and MUCH MORE.....

There are also SUPER BONUS items like:

  1. A CD containing Derek Gehl's private Rolodex of 267 'must-have' tools and resources!

  2. An 85-minute DVD of Derek performing extreme website makeovers LIVE on stage!

I find this system extremely helpful as my reference tools and would highly recommend blogging beginners to invest this on the journey to internet success!

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