Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blogging Beginners Guide To Affiliate Programs

Having done the initial hardwork of posting rich, quality and relevant contents into your blog, you must be excited to see traffic coming to visit. The next step would be to monetize your blog. One of the methods is to join affiliate programs. By definition, affiliate program means that you send people to a web site, they buy something, or sign up for something, and you are paid a commission. Affiliates porgrams are set up by companies who wish to generate more revenue through networking with other web owners. Bloggers can be rewarded by sending customers to their web sites.

Some useful tips for selecting affiliate programs:

  • To build a reputable blog, it is best to stay clear of those that offer quick sale, who claim that theirs is the only WAY to make money online.
  • Do spend time researching first, ask yourself this golden question: "Would I use these products or programs myself?" After that sign up and try out the program. Chat with others who have used them in their forum.
  • The question is asked: would it be better for me to join high commission affiliate programs? I believe it is best to choose affiliate programs based on your own themes or contents. My general guideline of pay out commission is between 20 to 50%. Check out on their payout, how about their sales pages (which should do all the selling for you), any cookie tracking to protect your referring, what's their pay-per-click ratio, any support promotional banners or text links, any tier affiliate programs.
  • If you receive spam emails, that may be a good source for telling you how not to promote your affiliate programs.

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