Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Why Should We Write For FREE!!! Get Paid by Readers Instead!

How would you like to get paid by readers for reading your blogs? Sound too good to be true, isn’t it? Well, I am fed up with writing articles for free on the blogs and just getting a few miserable links to my site just to fulfill the traffic numbers. I was thinking, ‘There must be better things to just getting in traffic to my site for my hard work , time and effort in putting up all those high standard articles that I churned night after night. The ezines sites are reaping all the profit while we get a few links’ That is when I decided to search around and found ‘blogit.com’. This is the site that is realistic and has integrity in its business.

Here is a site, where members pay to get in and members pay to read your articles. You write, members pay when they read your articles. The more members read your article, the more you earn. The more popular your articles get, the more you earn and the higher you rank. This sound fair and just to my eyes. And above all, this organization is not going to cheat me because it has a good management system in place. Half of the member’s subscription goes to administration, marketing and maintenance of the site. Now, that is sound business management.

Blogit.com is very transparent about this and tells you what it does with your subscriptions. Blogit.com also tells you how it spreads the earnings to you through your readership on your blog. Now, that is what I called ‘integrity’ in business and a site that has integrity in its business philosophy is going to stay for a long long time. Blogit.com is one of the fastest growing blogging community, according to the following news release.

Blogit: the online writing marketplace

What's your blog?
"[Blogit (blogit.com)] is one of the few sites that actually pay their members...And because drawing an audience pays at [Blogit], the competition is fierce."

Have Web Site, Will Investigate
"Recently, a new business model has emerged in which readers fund Web-based indie journalism. [Blogit is one example] in which readers pay a monthly fee to read stories from a passel of writers."

Blog Power
"If you want to blog and get paid, you can subscribe to www.blogit.com. They require a monthly subscription fee. Half of what you pay for gets distributed to those that you read, and that’s how you get paid as well."

News Tribute overdue, trustee says
"[The] founder of the Palo Alto start-up www.blogit.com, a community of bloggers...will be honored at a reception today in Burlingame by a national immigrant-advocacy group for their 'contributions that greatly enriched our nation.'"

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